Coaching & Consulting

The coaching process is an integrative and powerful experience, resulting in accelerated changes that happen from the inside out – step by step. You are led to go deeper with your learning, take action, and move forward for ideal outcomes.

Working with In Tandem Coaching:

Initial Meeting:

Free consultation to better understand your interests and needs. Mutual fit is key in establishing a successful coaching relationship. At In Tandem Coaching our experience is broad and we has been successful in working with a wide range of individuals.

Agreement on the Coaching Engagement:

This agreement will include a mutual understanding of the time commitment, logistics for coaching sessions, pricing, payment, and the set-up of any potential assessments and/or additional conversations with any partners involved.

Define the Coaching Objectives:

We will want to ensure you are clear about your coachable interests, goals and desired outcomes. If you have a sponsoring organization, we will need to ensure they are in agreement with these objectives as well.

Build the Personal Development Plan:

Together, an action plan is built that supports the changes you desire to see and the goals you and/or your organization hope to achieve.

Execute Coaching Engagement:

Regular agreed upon coaching sessions to support your journey. Based on your specific needs, coaching sessions may take place on site at your organization, in my office in Portland, Oregon, by telephone or video conference. Emails/additional phone calls are provided as needed to support personal growth.


Conclude coaching engagement, harvest your learnings, measure outcomes, and develop long-range plan going forward.

Your Role As a Client:

The role of the client is….

* Valuing self awareness
* Having an attitude of a learner
* Working on commitments made
* Being open and willing to share appropriate information
* Preparing for each coaching session
* Taking personal responsibility

My Role As a Coach:

The role of the coach is…..

* Creating a safe space
* Listening at a deep level
* Truth telling, even when it is difficult to hear
* Challenging current beliefs
* Supporting and encouraging
* Providing accountability

Why Coaching Works:

Coaching provides a learning environment that honors each individual as whole, creative, and resourceful. It focuses on the present situation and what wants to happen for the future.  Overall, coaching:

* Increases awareness and confidence in all situations
* Promotes conscious choices in alignment with core values
* Resolves conflicts within yourself and with others
* Reduces stress, worry, and struggle and improves your state of being
* Provides stability and support through big transitions
* Increases vision, creativity, and imagination
* Cultivates the ultimate for life and business